Meet the Team

Al Merritt

Founder and CEO
Al Merritt is the co-founder and CEO of Campus Management, LTD. and SkyLofts, LLC. Raised in Cincinnati, Merritt attended Oak Hills High School and the University of Cincinnati before founding a medical equipment and distribution company called MD International in Miami, Florida. With over 200 employees, and sales to Latin America and the Caribbean in...

Patsy Merritt

Accounting & Finance CPA
Patsy Merritt studied Accounting and International Business and is a certified CPA and CFO. Merritt worked as a CPA at Arthur Young, a Big 8 Accounting firm prior to joining Campus Management. At Campus Management, Patsy is the Chief Financial Officer, overseeing all the accounting and day-to-day financial operations for all the projects under the...

Denis Back

Denis Back has been involved in over 600 architecture projects including residential, office, industrial, and commercial real estate. He has provided architectural services to Campus Management for the past ten years on 200 condo units and 100,000 sf of office space. Back’s background in Architecture began with a B.S. degree from the University of Cincinnati....

Kieran Walsh

Financial Analyst
8 years experience in the asset management/ hedge fund industry. Recently launched the Infusive Compounding Global Equities ETF on the NYSE in Dec 2019.

Chris Thurston

Construction Manager and General Contractor
Chris Thurston worked for a variety of signage companies before owning his own which he then sold in 2001. Thurston moved into residential real estate when working with Towne Properties as a Project Manager for five years. Following his residential work, Thurston went to Pilot Contracting and worked on a variety of commercial real estate projects. Thurston has been a Project Manager...

Bill Arthur

Architect/ Builder consultant
48 years of comprehensive work experience in construction and architecture. In addition to being an accomplished architectural designer, he has performed structural, mechanical and plumbing design for many of his buildings. William remains committed to changing technologies and is proficient in most windows based environments, including ACAD, Excel, SketchUp, Adobe, and PhotoShop. William’s core work...

Kevin Blakey

CRE Construction Consultant
From August 2008 to present, Kevin Blakey consults with Campus Management on numerous projects including rehabilitation of a 100+ year old 4 story brick and stone building (approx. 90 units) from section 8 to high end Condominium in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kevin was able to redesign the plans to meet City Development Agreement criteria, renegotiate construction...

ZengSha Guo

Executive Director
ZengSha Guo is the Executive Director for Campus Management, overseeing operations, administrative and accounting functions. ZengSha manages all day-to-day operations including marketing, contract negotiation, budgeting and market research. ZengSha’s day-to-day management includes scheduling and managing job site safety meetings, management and organization of construction office and organizing site meetings with the trades. She is also...